Nepean District Music Academy

Pay weekly or in Blocks, it's up to you.​

Lessons start at 3:30 and we close at 8:00pm
No limit to make up lessons *
*conditions apply
No deposit
No contracts
Learn to play from professional musicians trained and working in the industry.
Play what you want to play.
Book over the phone, no money down.
Start the day you book if you like
All staff are Working With Children complient

We work with HSC students to get the best results.

We work with students who have physical and mental challenges.

What We Offer

Guitar Classes

Vocal Classes

Drum Classes

Want to learn Guitar? Great! All you need to get started is a guitar. Our rooms come prepared with computers, amps, leads, music stands and of course your teacher to get you going.
Oh, a folder and note book will probably help. 
Have a desire to front a band? Maybe just sing better than you are for your own enjoyment?
Great! All you need is YOU!!! We supply everything else and our vocal studio is equipped with everything you need, even a Mic and stand for you to practice stage presence!
Is laying down a solid beat more your thing? Awesome!! We have just the thing for you. Our drum studio is set out with a $20,000 Roland Kit that we will get you playing on from day 1!
You'll need a set of sticks, a folder and you to start having the time of your life playing the grooves you love.


Bass Guitar Classes

Theory Classes

If you want to tickle the ivory's, then we have just what you want.
Our room has all the gear ready for you to get playing.
With a state of the art, professional level electronic piano with full 88 keys and touch sensative, weighted keys you'll be playing in no time.
Want to learn Bass Guitar? Great! All you need to get started is a guitar. Our rooms come prepared with computers, amps, leads, music stands and of course your teacher to get you going.
Oh, a folder and note book will probably help. 
Not satisfied with just learning to play? Maybe looking to work in the industry and study music at a tertiary level?
That's fine too, we hold a one year theory course that goes from basics to advanced concepts and prepares you for any entrance exams.
Our Mission
Okay, here's the deal. We are passionate musicians that have first hand experience of the joy that is derived from being able to play, at any level. Whether you want to just entertain yourself and shake off a bad day or you want to take the stage and bring joy and emotion to a room full of people: we've done it and can show you how.
Every teacher here is a schooled and working musician that wants to show others how to enjoy this art form.
We could give you facts and details on the research being done that proves music touches and opens areas of the brain that nothing else can. It can be used as therapy for learning and physical disorders and help to develop social skills, but when it comes down to it, we love to play and we want to share that gift with as many as we can. It's that simple.
When Words Fail Music Speakes
So This Is Us
Julz and Troy, owners of NDMA
Okay, so this is a bit about the owners here at NDMA, what they've done and whats driving them.
Both Julz and Troy have been involved in the music industry for years.
They both found a passion for performing at a young age and persued this individually until they found each other and decided that they wanted to start a fun friendly and safe environment to teach their passion, including other teachers along the way to help local musicians get out there.
As for Julz, she has performed in various styles of music including folk, choral, numerous rock bands from covers to originals and has also perfomed overseas.
Troy started playing guitar at a very young age and continued to grow and evolve musically, joining many bands and playing a wide variety of music until taking the plunge to study at the Australian Institute of Music, studying for 3 years.
Post graduation he dived into the teaching side of the industry as well as playing live and in recording studio's.
Music is their lives and passing along the knowledge, the fun and the social interaction of performing is their passion, making new friends along the way through teaching and encouraging others.